The Rebrand

So, it has been a while.. 

I am sure that many of you will not read this at the time that I am writing it, because the website is not currently open yet. But, I just wanted to share a little piece of my heart and the NEW VISION for Sultry Anarchy. 

So, Surprise! We rebranded. I loved Sultry Anarchy with my whole soul but for some reason, it did not feel like mine. I was so consumed with the idea that in order to sell product, I had to change MY vision for MY brand. I just want to be open and honest and say its ROUGH out here! Especially being in an over saturated market. Social media consumed me and I began to doubt myself time and time again because I seen other business owners doing what I wish I could. 

I had been praying about it and decided that I needed to close the shop for some construction. I went back to the drawing board and sat and thought to myself "What do I represent and How can Sultry Anarchy reflect that?"

I love my gold accessories, I love the look of luxurious things without the price tag (because your girl doesn't make that kind of money...YET), and I love my lashes. 

So now, Sultry Anarchy's mission is to promote a healthy self love journey, and affordable luxury! 

Thank you so much for being here and Cheers to being 2! <3 

Slay Always,