What is Sultry Anarchy?


It's me, Chelsea! but you can call me CJ! 

I am the owner of Sultry Anarchy and I am so excited that you are here! Let's start off with a little story. Ever since I was little, I had used clothing to express myself. I was the first grand daughter in the family, and you can see how I turned out. I loved and continue to love using clothing as a way to express myself and I always liked to mix colors and patterns that don't usually go together. I had not gotten into make up until I was in high school. Now, I cant stop. Lol.

I knew that I have always had an entrepreneur spirit because I would always come up with ideas to make things easier and also use that as a way to make money. Not that I was money hungry or greedy at all. I had all of these ideas but at the time I was too shy to act on them. 

As I got older I started to create beadwork, sew and do other things like that. If you know you know. Nine times out of Ten everyone in Indian Country has a side hustle. It's just the way it is. Indigenous Entrepreneurship at its finest. 

Sultry Anarchy came to me at a time where I was at a cross roads with my life. I knew that I needed to have something to fulfill me because at the time I was doing the same thing every day. I had a set routine: Get up, get ready, work, home, bed; Then I would wake up and do it all over again. I felt stuck, uninspired, and I felt super self conscious. I was "dating" at the time because I felt that it would make me whole; and I did not feel myself. I was going through a phase where rejection would eat me up inside and to put it lightly, have no self confidence. I didn't have the confidence that I knew that I needed and wanted. 

I sat down and began to think of what I wanted to do with my life. I had a Bachelors degree but was working a job that didn't give me fulfillment or challenge me. I was upset that my life was not where I wanted it to me, I hated the way that I looked and felt, and I actually hated the routine; which was weird coming from someone who needed a routine. Everything that I was experiencing and feeling was not something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Something had to give. I began to pray about it, day and night, asking for a sign on what I should do to move forward. 

One day, I was sitting at my desk and I felt the need to go on youtube, because you know that is what you are supposed to do at work.. whoops. Lol. But I came across this video of a woman saying how she started her own business and how to do it. Something ignited within me and the drive that I have always had, came back. I then started a notebook with all the ideas that I had. I went back and forth on what I wanted to sell. Then it hit me! LASHES!

I was not always into make up, but once I got older and could afford to experiment with different types of make up, ESPECIALLY lashes, I was hooked. Lashes, the good ones, were actually the most expensive part of my make up kit. My friends and I were spending around $12 for a pair of drugstore lashes and up to $30 for the name brand ones. We wore them every day and then had to replace them every other week. I'm not going to do the math but just know its a TON of money per month.

I then googled different vendors and talked to them for MONTHS about the vision that I had for the different lash styles and how I wanted the packaging to look. I went through 10+ vendors and then I finally found the vendor that I wanted to work with. I was then sent samples to wear and give to my friends to try out. We liked to go out on the weekends and were always asked where we got them, and I would say they were my brand. At that moment in time, I realized that I had to go all in.

I had the idea, the color scheme, the lash styles, and the vision; but what would I name it? I liked the idea of Beautiful Chaos but didn't like the exact name. To me it stood for the idea that not everything and everyone is going to ever be perfect but we can see things as they are, especially ourselves; Beautifully Chaotic. I was playing around with words and then "Sultry Anarchy" felt PERFECT. 

To me, Sultry Anarchy stands for: Unapologetic Uniqueness, Being Yourself, Knowing who and where you come from, and the over all idea of being a bad ass. It reminded me of my Matriarchs, and how in their own ways they display strength, how to be themselves and fight for what they are passionate about. Wether it be land, education, traditions, basic human rights, Indigenous and Filipino Rights, and equality. 

I then created my first collection, which was named after people that were always by my side through all of lifes obstacles. Then my second collection paid homage to my matriarchs. My Mom, Mima, Great Grandma Rapada, and  Great Great Grandma Annie. 

Ever since the launch on September 13th 2019, it's been a whirlwind. We have upgraded from only lashes, to accessories, clothing items, and so much more. There have been many ups and downs, tears, and stress, but also so much support and love. Its been an amazing journey and I cant wait to see where life takes us. 

Slay Always,